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"The music that became associated with Sybil and Branson actually started out as a theme for her maid, Gwen, who didn’t want to spend her life in servitude and trained herself to become a secretary. Sybil was very sympathetic and decided to help her. The music began to encompass Sybil as well as the concept of emancipation and then finally developed into a love theme between her and Branson. Even now in Series 4, long after the death of Sybil, it is used to conjure up the ghost of her as she continues to haunt Branson."

- composer John Lunn

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So, say I actually decided to have our favourite fan fic ever written printed into a soft cover book. And say I made two covers of said book but couldn’t decide which one to go with. Which one do you think I should use?

I’ll be printing this with (when the fic is complete obviously) which I’ve used before and just loved the result.

ETA: I do have permission by the author, btw. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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Lost Time

53 chapters and counting and its still the best written, most captivating, perfectly in character and enchanting Sybil/Tom Branson fic that exists out there.

Heck, not many professionally published novels can compete with this level of quality. 

Still considering having it printed and bound so I can finally put it on my own bookshelf. Such a treasure. But I must wait until its finished.

And yet I hope it never ends!

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