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So, say I actually decided to have our favourite fan fic ever written printed into a soft cover book. And say I made two covers of said book but couldn’t decide which one to go with. Which one do you think I should use?

I’ll be printing this with (when the fic is complete obviously) which I’ve used before and just loved the result.

ETA: I do have permission by the author, btw. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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When awesome fic is abandoned…

Every week I check with the everlasting hope that there have been updates to these fantastic fics:

Born Of Fire by katiekayx~

Cravings by Michelle ~

A Woman’s Prerogative by ShirleyYouJest ~

And every week I feel like this:

If any of these three writers see this, please know we are eager for you to continue your stories. And if its writers block that’s hindering you, we hope it ends soon.

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Vanity Fair Trading Cards!

Known for: Feminism! Pants! Chauffeurs! Earnesty!

Quote: “Well, bully for that!” (Sarcastically sassing her old man.)

Season 3 prediction: Having already warmed to pantsuits, she nestles comfortably into the role of an politician’s wife.

Known for: Singing “Greased Lightnin’,” necking in the garage, reading a lot of newspapers.

Quote: “Flattered is a word posh people use when they’re getting ready to say no.” (To Sybil.)

Season 3 prediction: Runs for—and wins!—elected office. He certainly knows how to give a stump speech.

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Do consider f**king the help, especially if he knows how to drive. If you have an intellectual connection with your Socialist chauffeur, don’t let your posh father find out about it. But do consider him, Sybil. Branson is hot and smart and really into you and probably wouldn’t mind if you wore those silly pantsuits all the time. And he has a car you can make out in. But Lord Grantham must NEVER know. Let’s hope Mary doesn’t spill the beans.

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