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BBC’s Jamaica Inn is far from perfect no doubt, but its a damn sight closer to the book than the original film so I don’t even care. I mean Patience isn’t scared quite enough, the vicar is not creepy enough at all, Jem is perhaps a little serious though pretty good otherwise… Joss also needed to…

I agree. Joss is a hell of alot more sympathetic than he is in the book. He’s suppose to be the biggest bad in the story right up until the climax when the puppet master is revealed. And after the first episode we already know he’s just henchman doing someone else’s bidding and feeling pained by it all.

The vicar wasn’t creepy until he took her back to his home and that’s when she started to feel uneasy so I’m okay with him coming across as kind and trustworthy in part 1.

But I really do think Jessica is playing Mary brilliantly. Defiant, independent and brave. She has perfectly captured the Mary I had in mind when I read the book.

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